Déjà Vu ‘Do
Style Extending Hair Primer


Application: Begin with damp, towel dried hair.  Apply a nickel sized amount to palms and evenly distribute from roots to tips – focus on the areas of your hair that tend to get most oily.  Comb hair, then style as desired.  *We recommend blow drying hair after application for the longest lasting style.

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Do you believe in magic? Well, even if you don’t, you’ll believe in Déjà Vu ‘Do. This unique, lightweight cream will ward off any bad hair spirits and cast a clean hair spell (for days!) until your next wash by blocking humidity and repelling dirt and oil. Made with conditioners for long lasting frizz control and improved shine, and infused with a delicious scent of red apples and berries, this style extending hair primer will keep your ‘do as fresh as it was moments after you styled it.

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Weight 4 oz
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